27 July 2009

furious longing of God

I started reading a new book by brennan manning called 'the furious longing of God' which is pairing well with the stirrings that God is already working within me.  Many of these are truths I've heard before, but reading Brennan Manning's rich poetical style, makes it fresh.

        In the first chapter he talks about God's intense desire for us and describes it as a furious longing. I love even in this first chapter I'm already connecting with what He is talking about.  He refers to a section in the song of songs (SOS 7:10) that he has prayed for many years 'I am my beloved's and his desire is for me' he says about this verse when you take it very personally that
"a number of beautiful things come to pass:
-The drumbeats of doom in your head will be replaced by a song in your heart, which could lead to a twinkle in your eye.
-You will not be dependent on the company of others to ease your loneliness, for He is Emmannuel--God with us.
-The praise of others will not send your spirit soaring, nor will their criticism plunge you into the pit. Their rejection may make you sick, but it will not be a sickness unto death.
-In a significant interior development you will move from I 'should' pray to I 'must' pray.
-You will live with an awareness that the Father not only loves you, but likes you.
-You will stop comparing yourself to others. In the same way, you will not trumpet your own importance, boast about your victories in the vineyard, or feel superior to anyone.
-You will read Zephaniah 3:17-18 and see God dancing for joy because of you.
-Off and on throughout the day, you will just know that you are being seen by Jesus with a gaze of infinite tenderness."

I think brennan manning is dead on!
I desire to walk with The lord in this way.
Lord, change me.