03 February 2010

lost and blogging from a Google phone.

testing writing my blog from an app called androblogger on my google phone. never done this before.
tonight were watching the lost season premier and we're having friends over for a little lost party.

02 February 2010


Ive had a great week! I joined up with an awesome ministry here in KC, called radiant nation. Radiant is a minstry based in KC that has been going for about ten years now. They area group of full time intercessors and musicians that serve locally and on the road.
I have been meeting with them in the mornings this week, spending time with coffee in prayer. Ive loved making some new friends and feeling like I am at the beginning of something really cool. It makes me excited for this coming year(s).
I look forward to what awesome things ill get to write and blog about.

Also Excited for LOST season premieree this week.