30 September 2008

departing part 2

We made it to KC safely and timely. It was a very nice drive though it took Jenn a while to wake up. :) we listened to some radiohead and matt pond PA and a great winnie 2005 mix cd. boarding flight to chicago in 10 minutes, then chicago to charlotte (i believe on the very same plane)
bye for now!

expect an update when i get to charlotte.



So, this morning i am packing up enough belongings for a month in Charlotte. Ready for the unexpected and anxious for what God has in store for me, but how can i really prepare myself for the unexpected? I have prepared my shoes and socks as well as some clean shirts, and my suitcase has my name on it and is probably even a little too heavy. But how does one prepare themselves to be completely removed from their pattern of work and busy-ness and moved into a lifestyle of undistracted devotion, spending 6 + hours a day praying, worshiping and pressing into God and searching His heart?
But i must tell you, by no means am I the least bit concerned. I will glady step into the doors of ZHOP and happily embrace what God wants to do in me ad through me. I cant wait to experience the spirit of God with these people who spend all their time searching out his heart.

I want to write a little bit more, but Jenn is gonna be here soon to pick me up, and i wanna be ready when she gets here, so ill finish later.


14 September 2008

enjoying my day off

Had a work day today at the church. We're trying to finish up the inside of our new building downtown. Its pretty exciting that after 6+years of church on teh wayyyy southside we get to finally have church downtown.

Afterwards, I had a beer with wayne and phil today at brew co. I like those guys. Wayne is gone too much for my liking. Hes out again for the week with work stuff. After that, we walked around downtown enjoying the coolness of the day. I think we're getting an early tease of fall weather, but i dont mind.

I was really honoured to get to lead part of the worship set this morning at the vineyard. Our first morning there and it was really meaningful for me.

I am doing all i can to get ready for next month at ZHOP. I am excited about going but i dont quite know what im getting myself into. Though I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy my time there, but can't quite prepare myself for it. I also failed to plan enough money in my budget for travel expenses. So I am trying to find a cheap flight to charlotte at the end of the month and trying not to worry about finances.
I spent the day at home and I wrote a note on facebook to let people know the goings on in my life. I dont often get days off in springfield, so being home today has been very relaxing.

Today i am thankful for Jesus, His grace and for friends who love Jesus.

still reading 1 John


1 John 4:18 (New American Standard Bible)

18There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.

I spent the evening molling over this scripture.
I want to be fearless,
to not worry.
I desire to be transformed
to live fearlessly in the love of Christ

Oh Lord, help me.