10 October 2010


12 April 2010

on the road soon.

Im excited about these next couple weeks. Ill be out on the road with Radiant Worship covering several cities in the Northeast. Philadelphia, Detroit, Harrisburg, PA and many others.

Being involved with this ministry team honestly feels like the birthing of a dream. I have wanted to be involved with music ministry in this capacity pretty much since i became a Christian. I have always had deep desire to see God move on peoples hearts through music, prayer and the prophetic.

Radiant has been together for roughly ten years. I feel very blessed to get to step into ministry with a group who have been laboring and building a ministry and have such a passion for Jesus and seeing the Church walk in fullness. There are about 6-7 of us all about the same age. We meet Monday - Friday to pray from 7:30-8:30 for God to move on his church that there would be an awakening in the church and we would see revival come.

Come April 15th we will embark on a 13 day adventure across the Northeast to spend time in pray and worship with several churches. We are praying for powerful moves of God in these events. We are believing for the power of the spirit to come. We are asking that each of us would be filled with a spirit of prophesy and that we would be able to partner with Jesus in what HE is doing in each of these churches.
I am excited for what i get to be part of.

Id love it if you would pray for God to do through us the things i mentioned above as well as for our safety, our van and our well being (i think this trip will be rather exhausting, but very rewarding)

ill keep you all posted.

thanks for your prayers.


04 April 2010

happy easter

Though its not thanksgiving, today i am thankful.
I am thankful for family. Happy to be spending easter with Jenns family in Springfield. I love them.

Thankful for all the blooming trees and pretty things starting to spring up.

Thankful for friends old and new. Happy to be making connections with people in Kansas City and enjoying the comfort of friends Ive had for years.

Im happy to be involved in ministry with a group of people I greatly respect and am challenged by daily. I am excited about Radiant Worship we are going on a 2 week ministry trip to the Northeast in mid April. We will be visiting several churches to minister through music and prayer. We are believing for the power of the spirit to break in through each of these meetings.
Please pray that as we minister April 15th -28th that God would use us in powerful ways. That he would give us words of knowledge for the churches, healings both physiclally and emotionally and that we would see what God is doing in each of these places and do what He is doing.

I Posted a widget on the right side of my blog to show you where we will. Pray for revival in the Northeast.

03 February 2010

lost and blogging from a Google phone.

testing writing my blog from an app called androblogger on my google phone. never done this before.
tonight were watching the lost season premier and we're having friends over for a little lost party.

02 February 2010


Ive had a great week! I joined up with an awesome ministry here in KC, called radiant nation. Radiant is a minstry based in KC that has been going for about ten years now. They area group of full time intercessors and musicians that serve locally and on the road.
I have been meeting with them in the mornings this week, spending time with coffee in prayer. Ive loved making some new friends and feeling like I am at the beginning of something really cool. It makes me excited for this coming year(s).
I look forward to what awesome things ill get to write and blog about.

Also Excited for LOST season premieree this week.