04 April 2010

happy easter

Though its not thanksgiving, today i am thankful.
I am thankful for family. Happy to be spending easter with Jenns family in Springfield. I love them.

Thankful for all the blooming trees and pretty things starting to spring up.

Thankful for friends old and new. Happy to be making connections with people in Kansas City and enjoying the comfort of friends Ive had for years.

Im happy to be involved in ministry with a group of people I greatly respect and am challenged by daily. I am excited about Radiant Worship we are going on a 2 week ministry trip to the Northeast in mid April. We will be visiting several churches to minister through music and prayer. We are believing for the power of the spirit to break in through each of these meetings.
Please pray that as we minister April 15th -28th that God would use us in powerful ways. That he would give us words of knowledge for the churches, healings both physiclally and emotionally and that we would see what God is doing in each of these places and do what He is doing.

I Posted a widget on the right side of my blog to show you where we will. Pray for revival in the Northeast.

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